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As nationwide providers of Career Transition and Proactive Career Development Services we resource people with the tools and strategies that enable them to flourish in their careers.

1: Our Career Transition Programmes empower clients to really take charge of their career pathways. We have managed many career transition projects, providing a high level of individual and client services. We pride ourselves on providing valued support to participants on our programmes, giving you the confidence that your staff are being cared for during times of change, and creating a feeling of career empowerment in participants. We have an enviable track record of helping people transition quickly and successfully to new opportunities.

Our bespoke support is frequently leveraged right from the planning and consultation phases through to supporting impacted people with either individual or group programmes of support.

2: Our Career Development Programmes can transform an organisation’s ability to really connect with its people. Research shows that 86% of workers leave their jobs because of a perceived lack of career development while 81% of workers feel their skills are not being fully utilised by the organisation.

A clear career path, more than any other consideration, is a primary driver for employee satisfaction. Ensuring that your employees have that path and that their career goals are aligned with your business goals and culture ensures both parties get the most value out of the relationship. A healthy employer/employee relationship will create significant business return.

TruePoint enables individuals and organisations to create this engaged relationship with a comprehensive range of individual and group Proactive Career Development Programmes and empowering leaders to have the confidence and skills to run engaging career conversations with their teams. Executive Coaching support and Career Transition/Outplacement Programmes.

Our nationwide team of coaches are all experts in their field and couple sound coaching practices with grounded commercial acumen.

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