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“Fair weather never made a great sailor.”

Our Coaching Apporach

Our solutions-focussed coaching approach supports individuals to feel more in control and take ownership of their career and development.

Traditional outplacement models of support often fail to enable clients to truly move forward. TruePoint programmes focus on clients developing real career competency that means, come what may, they are empowered to navigate the constantly changing landscape of 21st century careers. Our employing organisation is part of our career journey, not responsible for it. TruePoint’s career transition programmes are underpinned with this philosophy. Our programmes offer clients the opportunity to take charge of their career.

TruePoint’s nationwide team of coaches has an excellent track record in helping people hop into the driver’s seat of their careers. We support them to develop real career competency, create strategic career plans and assist them to transition successfully into new opportunities.

This means that traditional methods of job seeking are just one part of the creative job search strategies our clients deploy.

Our coaches customise the session’s focus to meet individual needs, with a view to building confidence, job search capability and assisting the individual to manage change successfully.  We ensure participants on our programmes receive support that helps them stand out positively to future employers and get a job as quickly as possible.  We are also able to maximise their success through our own contacts with agencies and our coaches’ networks.

Sessions can be focussed on clarifying capability and direction, assisting with any particular concerns, reviewing and adapting CVs, interview skills training, checking in on how they are progressing with their job search or decision making and ensuring they have the support they need for maintaining motivation and energy in their transition.

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Delivery outcomes for coaching can include:

  • Career analysis that supports robust career decision making, including evaluation of internal opportunities if appropriate;
  • Tailoring each programme to the individual – focussing on what they need to maximise personal efficacy and career success;
  • Delivering job search support that is pragmatic, tailored and encourages a pro-active approach;
  • Individuals having a quality CV and a clear transition or job search plan;
  • Developing confidence in the job search process with support at critical moments to maximise success;
  • Development of key transition skills such as tailoring a resume, conducting prospective employer and industry research, answering difficult interview questions, informational interviewing, researching, accessing the hidden job market, online presence, self-marketing and networking.
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