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HR Facilitator

I must say that Michelle is fantastic and the process was worth every penny!

Marketing Executive

Just a quick note to say thank you ever so much for your advice, assistance and support. You helped me keep believing in myself!

Accounts Administrator

I have passed your name onto some people at work - after telling them what a great help you have been - and I know will be in the future...

PR Consultant

Thank you for your positive encouragement, faultless advice and wonderful support!

Executive Assistant

I cannot express in words how much you helped and supported me... You gave me the ability to focus more on my positive attributes so I just kept referring back to our conversations and the…read more

Marketing Manager

I was introduced to Michelle after leaving an organisation I had worked for for many years. Michelle has been instrumental in providing me with both career and life counseling that has allowed me to keep…read more

Graphic Artist

Thank you for all your work with me through the year. It was a lot of fun although tough decisions had to be made... I feel like I’ve made a lot of ground in a…read more

Chief Financial Officer

Michelle really helped me identify the barriers that were preventing me from making the right decisions about my career.  Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to be brave. Michelle helped me determine what…read more

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